Responsible Care

It is known the fact that, DONAUCHEM Romania is committed in taking appropriate measures to continuously reduce the negative impact of its business on the environment, to improve the safety and health of its employees and the local community.
Company DONAUCHEM Romania undertakes to adhere to the guiding principles of the "Responsible Care" program, taking into account the specifics of its business and ensures that:
  • our business does not pose major risks to our employees, contractors, customers, the local community and the environment,
  • we will maintain written documentation that covers our field of activity, and that guarantees that the company's health, safety and environment policy includes the principles of the "Responsible Care" program as an integral part of the business strategy;
  • we supply employees, contractors, customers, management bodies, etc. relevant information about our products in terms of their impact on health, safety and the environment,
  • all employees are aware of the training required to fully engage in the implementation of safety, health and environmental protection objectives,
  • participate in activities which follows to improve the quality of business in terms of safety, employee health and environmental protection,
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